A deal with the Market?

What a strange creature, the « Invisible Hand », invented by Adam Smith. Some claim they can talk to god, but no one controls the market rules. The market, as a concept, doesn’t come to the appointments that have been agreed with it. « Catch me if you can », the market hides and takes the french leave. No way to stop it!

First came the real market place, a physical one – as in Middle Age (and its market square, « rynek » in Poland, ринок « rynok » in Ukraine). It got bigger and bigger, if only Adam could see!! The market was supported by the Enlightment, technical breakthroughs and demographic growth. From a physical reality, it took off and became an abstract idea and ideology. Eventually, his last developments kind of killed any other rival concepts (planned economy and highly protecting systems). Market laws spread all around the world, promoting a modern form of freedom, getting a VIP status at most political leaders. Market met its promoters such as Mrs. Thatcher or R. Reagan, good readers of Milton Friedman’s manifestos.

Curiously, the more abstract and invisible (thanks to digital technology) it got, the more visible were its side effects. Business concentrations (in agriculture, industry and services), demographic concentration (or urbanization, as the royal route to economic success), shopping centers global boom, pollution and health crises (cancers, nervous breakdowns) all over the world. All of these are nothing else but side effects, either positive (market potential prospects) or negative. Either spreading an illusion that the « Invisible Hand » won or spreading confusion among people’s lives. Not to forget the growth of financial and environmental debts (which in the end will alvays convert into financial struggles).

So here it is, deep inside us, and with us as a life companion. A life-long partner. There’s a market from birth (commercial wishlists, real or digital, specialized shops, etc.) to death. Not to forget after-death market, a very competitive and creative market!


The market is like a fish (an eel?), slipping down our hands. It is highly complex for both the ordinary human and for the politician, always pretending « we keep control ». Whenever we try to stop the market, to regulate, he doesn’t listen to our summons. We may get angry, start shouting, no way! The market is stubborn. It’s still into adolescence. It did not evolve much, despite all promises. It’s still a bit wild and claims independence. If we push too hard, its face changes into paranoid. The market is a great actor, it plays the victim or blackmails us. Once the market said: « if you don’t follow my way, you will see what will happen to you, you’ll regret it for life! » The market did not end its transformation, it’s still seeking its own identity, especially from its last outbreak, sure you remember: it was in 2008.

The market needs to rest and needs our love. It’s still so fragile! But we need to convinve him to open up its eyes and light up its mind. So it’s up to every one of us to help it « grow up ».

What a challenge! We’re all its heirs! Need a collective input and cultural efforts. Some call it education (for kids) or rehab for adults). If we let too much freedom, if we don’t show limits, our adolescent market will do some stupid and dangerous things. Some day it will come back home with a terrible plan. Power and terror. Actually the market is still nostalgic about its past childhood, thinking it can rule the world!! Fair enough it rules our economy, our global trade. But it wants more impact, higher range. The highest human activities are concerned: Arts and Science.

Back to the essential: let’s teach him respect and humbleness. It’s about a win-win agreement, for its wellness and ours!



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