« Go to sleep my baby… angels are above you »

Remember the lullaby? When grown-up, one often observes that the bigger the affair, the more likely it will remain unnoticed. So might go the TAFTA, as the most conspiracy-busters do believe. Such a big deal that no one sees it until it swallows us all. Too many news, mostly deprived of actual vital interest, leaves us unaware of what the big deals are about.
As G8 economies have been turning round and round for years – with a slight exception for reunified Germany – it’s just been a matter of “looking good”. Economies together with politics got such a big slap in 2007-2008, many people and beliefs knocked-out. But stand up and keep looking good! Here’s a permanent concern. Then don’t be afraid of cheating. Maybe helpful in dire moments!

The ultimate trick? A financial prototype of what’s ahead with TAFTA. Close the door please, democracy’s not welcome there! Here was the last « mega-deal », between America’s Fed and Belgium authorities. Our dear Belgian neighbours (that’s just one perspective) have no fear. Is it a Stromae effect in 2014, as he started teasing the Yankees? Music crosses borders, even oceans! Belgium giving a big hand to Uncle Sam! And how come? Well it’s about money laundry and treasury bonds. No credit needed, no further Belgian debt, and simple instructions all provided by the guys in Washington. A big bunch of creative geniuses, like in Hollywood.US Treasury Bond

Another matter of trust!
Financial markets need trust. Future looks scary like darkness scaring young children. So both sides of the Atlantic gambled with $141 000 000 000. A risky business for Belgium ? What about the USA, then? Check out the Washington Blog. Reminds us of some ex-mafia repented. Judges love them when they call spontaneously. But what a shame for current politics. Beware of the awakening of public awareness. History shows the truth always ends up winning. Another song : « the winner takes it all! »

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