We’re all Charlie

I am Charlie

Hatred and foolishness sneer together tonight. Thinking they took it all on a 7th of January, in Paris!
Intolerance, extremism are jubilating, far from the sight of the people, sincerely moved by the news.

This hate towards others, all kinds of otherness, is nurtured by misunderstanding,
propaganda (terrorism is always a political act) and a complete lack of love.
Because fanatism isn’t love, it’s madness. But all that looks so desperate!
We ought to admit it!  Past the shock, the big temptation for all of us is to keep trying to explain
and justify what cannot be justified. Mixing empathy, compassion and curiosity.

Savagery cannot be justified. Prisons and hospitals must be useful for some reason…

Terrorism, a famous global threat born a long time ago, is a morbid pulsion mixed
with premeditation and the media effect. One more time it aims at wobbling a democratic society,
already so busy everyday, trying to fix the too many wounds in it.

This big military flood – Kalashnikov and rocket launcher, come on! – is so ugly and leads us to nowhere.
« No it wasn’t a video game », some parents had to tell their kids on the 7th of January.
Nothing « religious » underneath (re-ligare means « link », not « break ») nor spiritual. Dumb spirituality maybe.

But as always, neither truth nor freedom will suffer for a long time.
A thought for these joyful cartoonists and journalists (forget the ‘satirical’ moral adjective this time!)
They just thought they could dare everything, that it was still possible to laugh and
make fun of every thing and every one. They were humble people. Not arrogant.

A thought for this economist and teacher, his lovely and warm South of France accent.
He was a free soul, thinking out of the (conventional, boring) box.
Yet another victim of the organised criminal madness.

Seen from abroad, this new « 9/11 of minds » is another symbolic event.

How not to feel compassion and not to express solidarity?

Do not – ever – resign to fear. One may sometime be a coward or a distant person.
But not this time.

We’re all Charlie – Tous Charlie


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