Theo’s interview

–          « Hi Theo, how old are you? »

–          « A bit more than eleven and a half. »

–          « Where do you live and for how long? »

–          « I’ve been living in Wroclaw, Poland, for two years. »

–          « How was it for you before living in Poland? »

–          « Well, it was fine, but it’s even better now! »

–          « What about moving from France to Poland, and your settlement? »

–          « Actually we visited Poland before moving, and looked for a house and international school.
School start was a bit tough because I didn’t speak well english. »[Note: Theo attended bilingual kindergarten in France, followed with two years of primary school only in french language]

–          « What do you think about living abroad? »

–          « It’s cool. We can discover different things and different people.
More than if we stayed in France. »

–          « And what about school? »

–          « It’s a british school, looks a bit like Hogwarts. We get merits. After school I like to go to ICT club and Eco club. »

–          « Did you make some friends? »

–          « I have more friends here than in France, and very good ones! »

–          « And where are they from? »

–          « Mainly from Korea, and a bit from Japan. Sang Baek comes from South Korea, this is his 8thth  year in Wroclaw. Min Seok lived in the USA before and is in Poland since 4 years. There is also Andrew, from Mexico and Daniela from Russia. And the most hilarious is Vuyo from South Africa who previously lived in America…

–          Thanks, boy!

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