Woo-Hoo’s interview

– Hello Woo-Hoo*, you’re Korean, currently living in Poland. How old are you and for how long have you been living abroad?

– Well, I’m 11, soon turning 12. Let me tell you that in Korea, when I was born I was 1. That’s the way it is in my country. So in Europe I’m still 11 but in Korea I’m already 12 !! I’ve been living abroad for six years. [Half of Woo-Hoo’s life].

– Did you stay in Poland for the last six years?

– No, I first lived in the South of California, near San Diego, for 1 year and a half. Then I moved to Poland, 4 and a half years ago.

– Do you remember about your life in Korea?

– Not that much!

– How often do you visit Korea?

– Not very often. Once a year or once every two years. I have many cousins there…

– Do you miss Korea?

– Yes, especially food, and places: korean towns, countryside and mountains.

– Today do you feel more Korean, European, or otherwise?

– Well, I feel Korean but when I’m there, I’ve got a strange feeling. I feel Korean plus something else.

– What do you like most about the country you’re currently living in?

– It’s a quiet country, and much less crowded than Korea. I like polish traditions, I don’t like their food. Here we can meet lots of different people and nations, it’s cool!

– What do you dislike most?

– Polish food. But I’m okay with European breakfast, toast and cereals. In Korea we would have rice and soup at breakfast.

– Do you have some plans after Poland?

– I don’t know. I’d like to go to France. I don’t want to study in Korea. I don’t know history and not much Korean language. But we speak Korean everyday at home.

– What do you think about International School?

– I like it. It’s better than a normal school. There are different nations. It’s really exciting.

– How many languages do you speak?

– I speak Korean and English. In addition I’ve been learning french for two years.

– What do you think about cultural differences?

– That’s not a problem!photocat

– Thank you for this interview, Woo-Hoo!

* of course this is an avatar!


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