Keynotes: High masses of our time?

Keynotes have become, thanks to a global buzz effect, a symbol of our time! A highly codified exercise, mixing a cool outfit (no tie needed) and a selected vocabulary. Steve Jobs seems to have been a pionneer in terms of business presentations, incorporating technology for everyone and a feeling of sharing good news from an unavoidable company. Too bad for Microsoft, the inventor of Power Point, as we usually talk about « keynotes » no matter whether they were prepared with Apple’s Keynote software or Microsoft’s Nr. 1 presentation tool. Cupertino’s best of videos comprise keynotes announcing the birth of: the i-Pod, i-Tunes, the i-Phone, the i-Pad, and the i-Watch. Now Tim Cook tries his best to keep Apple rolling, with a high frequency flow of « amazing » statements. Hoping to spread his enthusiasm like a contagious epidemic. European spectators are less familiar with such a torrent of superlatives. Isn’t this too much? Any additional keynote pretend to be revolutionary. Would you believe in it? It’s up to you…

Another californian entrepreneur, space flights serial-killer, green business and Internet missionary Elon Musk, also runs keynotes. First there was a great showcase for Tesla Motors « Model S » in October 2011 (an all-electric vehicle aiming at dramatically reducing range anxiety) as well as the innovative « Powerwall » (power storage for households and businesses). Musk just released, accompanied by his fanclub’s loud support, the « Model X ». A 7-seater SUV, all-electric with exclusive ‘falcon wings’ rear doors. Indeed keynotes have been recently a must for all pretenders to join the economic Hall of Fame. Every CEO must succeed his or her oral exam, and must share passion and faith with the masses that came to carefully listen to this « special kind of mass ».

Tesla-Live-Elon-MuskWhat a strange spiritual come back when the world of spirituality seems weaker than ever! Basically, keynotes look like a High mass or even a Gospel. No mourning, no funeral atmosphere there, but a shared hope for a better world. And faith in technology! A promise for a wedding between a new product and the masses! But unlike a religious event, the master of ceremony leaves no time for the spectators to repeat his words. Great pictures and key words are displayed, in widescreen mode. So there’s no need to take notes. A smartphone will be enough, for a movie. So when does stop the truth and when does start the fiction? At times, most of the audience tends to appear hypnotized. Finally keynotes may dangerously come closer to a sect than a high mass. Still, a speaker’s talent never comes for free or effortless. One may miss his keynote like a student may miss his University speech for not gathering enough beliefs and faith! When the keynote starts, there’s no room for skeptics or misbelievers…

Now it’s your time! Have a go and check out these presentations, all belonging to the high tech world:




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