The ‘exit’ fever

The Financial Times issued today a warning from OECD so-called experts towards the Brexit fans, in other words telling the masses across the Channel: « think twice before making a decision that you may regret till the end of your life! » In the UK, as well as in many other countries, there’s a growing passion and dispute over the « should I stay or should I go » existential question. But due to a special geographical position, leading to a natural isolation, and due to a deeply rooted form of skepticism, the United Kingdom of Great Britain is a great case for the ‘exit’ tendency.



Not to forget other political centrifugal forces, be it in Scotland, in Spain and in other countries… However let’s try to leave Europe for a while! Are there other cases of countries willing to leave a larger group of countries and common destinies, apart Europe? Or is Europe the only part of the world which is « ripe » or mature enough (in other words, down enough economically and morally) to consider to split or to explode ?

Well, there’s some kind of legendary mystery around Europe, so called the ‘Old Continent’. From afar, other continents could approach Europe as an old wealthy neighbor, stuck with complexes and doubts about the future. Is the legend of Europe, the myth of a common and peaceful destiny, so obsolete today? Ironically, there’s little publicity so far around Mexico or Canada willing to exit the NAFTA (North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement). There’s also little buzz on radical US states marching away from Washington D.C. central power. But in other circumstances, when you look at the OPEC for instance, then you see a permanent centrifugal force within countries that mainly deal, together, with oil and gas! Prime selfishness… Business is business, come on!

So what’s next? Back to Europe, let’s chase the culprit. Shall we blame excessive irrational plans, set up hurriedly, to merge and pacify the Old Continent right after two waves of historical violence, crime and despair (call them WWI and WWII)? Shall we blame as well ordinary people’s naivety? Will we eventually admit that feeling of having been abused after decades and decades of promises?

Let’s try to consider we’re in the middle of some massive changes. Right in the great curve leading all of us… well no one really knows where! Then some people remain mostly passive (as citizens, not as workers or consumers) and unable to see the change happening. Some others, on the other hand, are already observing, even some start to enjoy, the ongoing change. To the latter, this ‘exit’ fashion may just look ridiculous. Why actually focusing on the matter of whether to stay within a larger group of countries (whatever the purpose) or to leave it and retreive sovereignty? Don’t we have other – bigger – fishes to fry?

In fact, why not just waking up? Time for acting, empowering oneself and community members all around? What if, at the end of the day, the Brexit and others were just fabricated non-events??


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  1. Well done…. I think the primary reason they are so interested in keeping the EU intact is the control. Much easier to be the puppet master of one union than to try to influence multiple independent countries and governments. Not to mention much cheaper.

    Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 09:42:11 +0000 To:

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